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Character Animation

Tandartskomtlangs.nl offers periodic oral checks and dental treatments to vulnerable elderly. They coach nursing home personnel to ensure the quality of the daily oral care.

A series of explanimations were created to facilitate the transfer of skills and knowledge. These videos repeat and depict the performed care on the elderly. They can be viewed at any moment which saves the organisation a considerable amount of time explaining.

Character animations were created to demonstrate the correct brushing posture. It is important that both caregiver and client are comfortable while allowing the former to look closely into the mouth. The nursing uniform resembles the original.

An important chapter of the videos is the treatment of dental plaque. This is a common phenomenon that can lead to cavities, inflammation and pain. It requires a specific action where you open the lips while brushing the transitions between teeth and gums.

Image of tooth with plaque

The animations feature three types of dentures: complete, partial and partial with a metal construction. Multiple viewing angles were illustrated for all types to provide clear cleaning instructions.

View angles of multiple dentures

Removing a denture from the mouth requires a skill where the finger of one hand is pressed between the denture and the gums to release it. The other hand is used to catch the prosthesis.

Some dentures are attached to implants. Each of these systems have to be cleaned in a distinct manner.

Some elderly people may be ill, have an intolerance to the standard procedure or be in the last phase of their lives. This requires a different approach.

The mouth is wiped clean with a piece of gauze wrapped around the index finger. It is then moistened with a wet dental stick to prevent dryness.

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