Setting the brand in motion

Brand Identity

Logo Animation

2D Animation

Motion Graphics

Outbase is a camping spot and van rental located in the beautiful and relaxed environment of the Portuguese Algarve. A variety of flashy motion components were created to transform their existing brand identity into a more modern and video applicable system.

The animation of the logo amplifies its meaning. It will be used to brand Outbase's video content about the beautiful Algarve environment, local activities and the campsite.

Logo design by Cees Boot.

A series of animations were made to emphasize the importance of the residence’s USPs and to highlight the contents of the Outbase vans.

The playful animations have a symmetrical design that endorses the uniqueness of the Outbase experience. The content will be displayed on the company's website and social media channels.

Laptop showing illustration of caming seats & table.

The Outbase palette is expanded with four new options to embrace the wonderful colors of the Algarve.

A set of video transtitions were designed. These motion graphics make smart use of the Outbase logo text.

Image explaining the typographic video transition.

Cutscene and description templates were created to give the client possibilities to add information to the video content.

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