Speaker conference with branded display visuals.

Speakers for good

Brand identity for idealist speaker agency


Brand identity

Print design

Icon set

Motion graphics

Speakers for good is a speaker agency that inspires businesses to operate from a moral compass. They emphasize that doing good comes before doing well. Creating financial, social en ecological value should be fundamental for corporate profits.

In cooperation with Buro Ponzo the existing logo was expanded with a complete brand identity that meets SFG's more broad communication needs.

A gradient layer that symbolizes progress was added to the existing logo which was made by Bravoure. The agency's subdivisions now have a face whilst the original brand can still be recognized.

An extra font was selected to function as a title font. It posesses the same round form language as the logo does.

Displays the "Aa"  from the platform medium font.

The designed background image depicts a shape morph. It embodies the global corporate shift the agency envisions. It is used in on- and offline campaigns.

Busstop displaying a poster design with the words: "adress, ideate, change"

Three icons were made to represent the brand’s mission statements. They are shown on SFG’s website and are consistent with other brand elements.

Bookcover design for Manifest for change & impact.
Icon design for the value "transparency"
Website section showing three icon designs for the values impact, transparency and paradigm shift.

SFG is now ready to make a striking impression with their new brand identity.

A big flag showing the speaker for good logo design and wayfinding.
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