PIcture of Mesh Print Club facility.

Mesh Print Club

Branding of a print community


Brand identity

3D Animation

Print Design

‘The Mesh’ is a Dutch screen print community that facilitates printing, hosts exciting exhibitions and gives inspiring workshops. In cooperation with Buro Ponzo a fresh brand identity and striking campaign were designed to attract new members to their club.

Mesh print club logo.
Branded tote bag.
Silk screen printing of the logo.

The quirky logo mirrors the community’s original character. By vertically reproducing it, a brand element arises that embodies the basic principal of the printing technique.

The members are most important to the club. The brand identity therefore leaves room for their profile pictures, work and exhibitions.

Designed flyers.
Instagram post design for exhibitions.
Instagram post design for highlighting artists.
Mobile website design.
Website design.

The campaign shows a neat 3D render that illustrates the fun experience of screen printing.

Flyer design displaying an ink loop.
Poster designs: One showing a big logo, the other showing an orange ink loop.
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